Founded in 2002, Nidus Associates & Consultants is a pioneer and perhaps amongst a few entities in the region, engaged in offering mentoring and hand holding support to innumerable number of civil society groups, NGOs, trusts etc.

Out of the box ideas and inspirations drawn from the rich culture and discerning human assets have shaped the course of this organization through the years.

The very first project that the company initiated was setting up a portal hub for press clubs across the region. Networking was sought to be done with hundreds of press clubs through a mother portal called The portal developed and designed by the company was launched at Guwahati on December 25, 2002 by Tarun J. Tejpal, Editor in Chief, Tehelka. The revenue sharing model developed under BOT format was a visionary idea at that point of time when internet connectivity was scarce and was indeed a very new concept.

The company subsequently sought to bring technology more closer to people by introducing in Northeast market the revolutionary concept of Internet Telephony in association with ONIDA’s subsidiary Adino Telecom Ltd.

Besides working in the sphere of new generation communication technology, Nidus Associates & Consultants is also engaged in documentation activity. As part of it, the company has so far worked for two prominent publications. A research study and documentation of the languishing Mirijim (traditional cotton rug) craft of the Mising community of Assam in 2011 and documentation of 45 year old history and development initiatives of the region’s premier development agency, the North Eastern Council in 2016.


Nidus Associates & Consultants is primarily engaged in the sphere of extending mentorship and hand holding support to various civil society groups working in the grassroots. Guiding them exercise PRA activity, evaluation of development processes and projects and support in documentation are some of the activities that the company is actively associated with.


Guwahati Grand Poetry Festival and Assam Arts Biennale is a concept being promoted by Nidus Associates & Consultants in order to propagate indigenous literature along with the rich culture and traditions of Northeast India across the globe. The festival seeks to ensure that poetry publication is a flourishing idea in an otherwise dull market scenario where there is no dearth of poetry listeners but very few actually interested in buying poetry publications. And while doing that, in a subtle manner, the ethnic culture of the region along with its art and crafts has also been sought to be promoted and documented.


The Festival Director: Manjit Kr. Sarma

Working for over two decades now in the Northeast India as an independent consultant in social development sector, Manjit has also worked in print, electronic and alternate fields of media. Besides this, he has worked with numerous grassroots level civil society organizations, community groups; NGO’s and govt. agencies.

His company Nidus Associates & Consultants formed way back in the year 2002 has been rendering consultancy and hand holding service to social sector organizations.

Poetry is his passion and that is how the idea of Guwahati Grand Poetry Festival was conceived. In its second season, GGPF has incorporated the element of Arts into its ambit and promises to be an yearly event that promises to showcase the best of Northeast in the realm of art and culture that still remains unseen and unexplored.