We are living in a society where common man’s deep yearning for peace and tranquility amidst thousand discords is clearly visible. The strong and the mighty are equipped with all sorts of weapons that money can buy but a peace-loving citizen can never be considered weak till he has a pen to wield and a sensitive mind to express that anguish. Our generation is perhaps very strategically placed in such a crossroad of sweeping changes where a discerning attitude and mindful existence can alone help us in holding to our ground beneath our feet.

In such a context, the idea of Guwahati Grand Poetry Festival was conceived by some likeminded people who came together with the concept of peace and brotherhood buzzing in their head till the answer was found in poetry and music. The reason is quite evident. The North EasternRegion of India which has seen trouble and strife of all kinds and degrees is also equally rich in both folk traditions and modern styles of art, music and literature. The emotional nature of our populace along with our deep sensitivity mostly makes us vulnerable to negative and dark forces which are always ready to engulf us in their designs for profit. The youth today, can see through all these and more, making it easy for us to channelize their zest and energy towards fruitful endeavours.

With these thoughts and with the broader objective of identifying, highlighting and recognizing our talented young poets and to extend to them an apt platform, the journey of Guwahati Grand Poetry Festival has been started. GGPF Season 1 held on 20 & 21 January 2018 at Guwahati has been an overwhelming success with participants coming from Maharashtra, New Delhi, Dharamshala, Itanagar, Agartala and many parts of Assam and Northeast India.

In its second edition, the Festival has been rechristened as Guwahati Grand Poetry Festival and Assam Arts Biennale, with the sole objective of accommodating the cultural fraternity of Northeast India and to showcase and highlight the best that region has to offer, which has remained out of public glare till now.