The North East Region of India, mostly celebrated for its natural beauty and rich culture is also a treasure trove of folk art and culture, Though a few elements of its folk culture has been brought to the fore and commercialized to a saturation point, many more are still shrouded in ignorance. The difficulties and risks involved with bringing them to a single platform is quite big making people shy away from such endeavors. But the success of GGPF 2018 has emboldened the team to chase new dreams and conquer new frontiers with the support of all its stakeholders The Guwahati Grand poetry Festival along with Assam Art Biennale is planning to come forward in December 2018 with a unique event for the very first time showcasing this rich amalgamation of folk music, art, culture, food and handicrafts. The region long neglected and prey to insurgency surely deserves such a springboard to secure its rightful place under the sun.

Coming this December 2018 –